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Tax and inheritance

Tax rules

Your current tax arrangements are likely to change when you retire.

The current rules mean that when you are over 65, you may be able to get an age-related personal allowance which is more generous than the normal personal allowance for tax.

If you go to live overseas, you might be allowed to pay less UK tax. For more information see Money and Tax in our retired section. Read more about living overseas in our A to Z section. You can contact The Pension Service from overseas by email.

Inheritance rules

Also, if you have an additional State Pension (formerly known as a SERPS pension, now State Second Pension), there is some important information you need to know about inheritance of this pension.

The maximum amount of State Second Pension a person can inherit is 50% and there are special rules for SERPS. You can read and print a copy of Inheritance of SERPS - Important information for married people from the resource centre or read more information online

Get the most out of later life

The Government has put together a guide and website to point you in the right direction for help and advice available through Government and voluntary organisations.

Are you over 50? has information and contact details for community and voluntary organisations, training opportunities and health and fitness advice.

More about tax rules

You should take a look at the Money and Tax information in our retired section. This information is also available in our Pensioners' Guide. Read and print the Pensioners' Guide.