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This A to Z list will point you in the right direction to finding more information about the entitlements or services you might receive once you are a pensioner. You can also look up pension options open to you if you are planning or reviewing your retirement income.

Don't know the name of the benefit you're looking for? Check out the more help on benefits page in our resource centre for more help.

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Taking up your State Pension later: Go to State Pension Deferral (on the Department for Work and Pensions website).

Tax Credits: Tax Credits are dealt with by HM Revenue & Customs. For information on tax credits, visit HM Revenue & Customs website

Television licences: The Government will now pay for your television licence if you are aged 75 or over. Find out more about television licences for pensioners

The Partnership Fund: The Department for Work and Pensions is providing short-term funding to local or national organisations and the voluntary sector for projects designed to improve take-up of entitlements and services among older people.
Find out about The Partnership Fund

Transport: See Bus fares and Hospital

Travelling abroad - Your benefits may be affected if you travel abroad for long periods of time. Check the details of your benefit or benefits before you travel.Find out more about travelling abroad on the Department for Work and Pensions website

Trace a pension: Go to Pension Tracing Service

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Victim Support: If you have been a victim of crime and would like to talk to someone in confidence, you can phone the national support line on 0845 30 30 900. The line is open 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 7pm at weekends.
Find out more about Victim Support in England and Wales

Find out more about Victim Support in Scotland

Voluntary National Insurance contributions: For National Insurance contributions guides and forms, including the leaflet 'CA08 Voluntary National Insurance contributions', visit HM Revenue & Customs website or go to National Insurance contributions

Voluntary Work: Whether you want to help children learn to read or help clean up the environment, there could be an opportunity locally just right for you. Your local Volunteer Bureau can provide opportunities for older volunteers. If you live in Scotland, please make sure you choose the Scotland version of the pensioner's guide for details.
Find out more about voluntary work

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War Disablement Pension (WDP): This is a payment made to people who have been injured or disabled as a result of any service in Her Majesty's Armed Forces. If you are eligible to claim a War Disablement Pension , you may also qualify for help with medical treatments. Help is also available for War Widows / Widowers. Find out more about War Disablement Pension on the Veterans Agency website

War Pensioners Medical Treatments: In certain circumstances, help with medical treatments, hospital travelling expenses and nursing care is available to War Pensioners. Find out more about War Pensioners Medical Treatments on the Veterans Agency website

War Widows / Widowers Pension: War Widow's Pension is a pension paid to widows or widowers and children of someone killed in the Armed Forces or who dies later as a result of injury in the Armed Forces. Find out more about war widows and widowers pension on the Veterans Agency website

Widows/Widowers: Go to Bereavement Payment

Widow's Pension: Go to Bereavement Payment

Will: Making a will allows you to set out who is to benefit from your property and possessions (your estate) after your death.
Find out more about wills

Winter Fuel Payment - If you're aged 60 or over, you may be eligible for payments from the Government to help with your heating bills in winter. From this winter, those aged 80 or over may get an extra payment of up to £100. Find out more about Winter Fuel Payments. If you have received or applied for a Winter Fuel Payment in the UK you may be able to continue to receive your Winter Fuel Payment if you move to another European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland.You can find out more about Winter Fuel Payments for overseas people on The Pension Service website.

Women: As a woman, the pattern of your working life may be different to a man's and you need to understand if this affects your retirement income. Also, there is important information you need to know about the change to the state pension age for women. Read or print Pensions for women - Your guide

Work injuries, disease or disability: Go to Injuries at work

Working after State Pension Age: Go to State Pension deferral or Voluntary work

Working life: Your working life is the period over which you may have to meet the contribution conditions for basic State Pension. Find out more about working life

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