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In certain circumstances, you may be exempt from the requirement to provide access to a stakeholder scheme for your employees. You may be exempt if you;

  • employ fewer than five people
  • offer all employees aged 18 or over a personal pension scheme through which you contribute an amount equal to at least 3 per cent of the employees, basic pay
  • offer an occupational pension scheme that all your staff can join within a year of starting to work for you

If you have an occupational scheme or an arrangement with a personal pension provider (often called a group personal pension scheme), check with the provider of the scheme to find out if it meets the conditions for being exempt.

What if I am exempt but I still want to provide a stakeholder pension?

Even if you are exempt you can still give your employees access to a stakeholder pension scheme if you want to.

You can read or print a copy of Stakeholder pensions - a guide for employers from our resrouce centre for more information.

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