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Providing stakeholder pensions

Your first step is to choose a stakeholder pension scheme from the list of providers registered with the Pensions Regulator. The financial services companies who provide stakeholder pension schemes must first register with the Pensions Regulator. You can find the register of approved stakeholder pension schemes on the Pensions Regulator website, or you can write to them to request a copy. See More help for their contact details.

Once you have compared some different stakeholder pension schemes and you have made your choice, you then need to do the following;

  • discuss your choice of scheme with your eligible employees
  • designate (formally choose) your stakeholder pension scheme
  • give your employees the name and address of the stakeholder pension scheme
  • tell your employees about your payroll deduction arrangements
  • make the payroll deductions if an employee wants you to
  • send your employee contributions (and any employer contributions) to the stakeholder pension scheme provider within the given time limits and
  • record the payments you make to the stakeholder pension scheme provider

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