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Having the time of your life?

Just because life is great right now, you shouldn't stop thinking about the future. Everyone needs to plan ahead for retirement. As people live longer and healthier lives, it is even more important to think about how and when to save for retirement and how long to work.

The basic State Pension will give you a start but to have the lifestyle you want in retirement, you need to think about a second pension - and the sooner you start saving the better!

See how you can plan for the future

This section starts by telling you how the basic State Pension works. You can then look at the other pension options. We will tell you about the issues you need to think about and where you can find out more information.

Pensions needn't be complicated or expensive, but you do need to be informed so you can make the right choice for your circumstances. You also need to remember that pensions are for the long term so you should think about the financial commitment that is required.

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Stakeholder pensions...

There's a low-charge pension available. You can start by contributing as little as £20 and build up as you can afford more. More information about Stakeholder pensions is available on the A to Z section..

Did you know?

Almost a third of all people who buy personal pensions stop paying into them within three years. Dropping out like this can mean that you lose much of the money you've already paid in.

Find out all the important things you should think about when choosing a private pension.

Get a forecast

Want to know how much State Pension you are likely to receive? You can find out with a State Pension Forecast.

Changes for pensions

Find out about the Government's pension reforms on the Department for Work and Pensions website.

Pensions Tax Simplification

From 6 April 2006 there is a new tax regime for pensions called Pensions Tax Simplification. It replaces the eight existing tax regimes with one. Find out more about Pensions Tax Simplification on HM Revenue & Customs website