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Support for carers

Do you look after someone who is ill or disabled or someone who could not manage without your help? Do you help someone with washing, eating or dressing? Do you collect medicines for people and make sure they take them on time? Do you collect benefits or pensions for someone, pay their bills or help them manage their money?

You may not see yourself as a carer. You may feel that you are simply looking after your partner, child, relative or neighbour. Even so, help is available.

You and the person you look after may both be able to get help from your local council or the NHS. They have information on benefits and other help that is available, including the support you can get to help you take a break from caring.

You may also be able to get help with household tasks or adaptations to your home to make caring easier. You can ask your local council to carry out a community care assessment with the person you care for to find out what help they need. As their carer, you will also get a chance to say what you feel they need.

You can also ask your council for a separate carer’s assessment of your own situation at any time. This will help you find out about the support you can get to help you continue caring for as long as you want to or are able to.

Your local council’s Social Services Department can tell you about your rights and what help is available. Ask your GP, GP practice, district nurse or health visitor to help you contact the council.

Find your local council on the Directgov website.

The government is making it easier to access information and services through a website called Directgov. It provides information for carers in areas like employment, education, support services, rights and money matters. Find more information for carers on the Directgov website.

Find out more information on the Carers Online website or the Princess Royal Trust for Carers website.

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