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Protecting your affairs when you are unable to make decisions for yourself - The Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000

This is for you if you want to give someone else the power to look after your welfare, property and financial affairs, in case you cannot do it for yourself in future.

The Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 was introduced on 2 April 2001. Under the Act there are a number of ways that other people can take decisions for adults who are assessed, by a doctor, to lack the ability to make decisions for themselves or who cannot pass on their decisions. You can also hand over a decision-making power ('the Power of Attorney') to another person in case your illness gets worse in the future. This could include decisions about your property, finances and personal welfare.

You can get more information about the 'Powers of Attorney' from a solicitor. You can also get more information from the Office of the Public Guardian website. You can phone the Office of the Public Guardian on 01324 678 300. The line is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. You can also write to the Office of the Public Guardian at: Hadrian House, Callendar Business Park, Callendar Road, Falkirk FK1 1XR.

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